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Adopt A Witte Animal

Witte added an exciting giant fossil to the Valero Great Hall – a standing Quetzalcoatlus Northropi!

Commanding the Texas sky millions of years ago, the Quetzalcoatlus had a wingspan of about 36 feet, as wide as a small airplane. The standing Quetzalcoatlus Northropi illustrates how these Pterosaurs folded their wings back to walk on all four limbs. This giant new addition will be at the Witte until September. Come see it today!

This Quetzalcoatlus may be on view for a limited time only – but you can take home your very own Quetzalcoatlus by adopting a Quetzy today!  You will receive a plush Quetzy, a personalized certificate of adoption with the name of its new caretaker and a Quetzalcoatlus fact sheet. Adopt a Quetzy for $50!

Quetzalcoatlus stuffed toy
Tiger stuffed toy

Located in the Witte’s Texas Wild Gallery is a beautiful and mysterious nocturnal animal – the leopardis padalis albescens.

You may know this animal better as the Ocelot. This spotted cat is larger than a housecat and begins activities at dusk, when they set out for nightly hunts for rodents, rabbits and birds. The Ocelot is critically endangered and less than 1,000 of these majestic cats survive between Texas and Mexico. Conservation of Texas brushland is critical to preserve the Ocelot’s habitat and land stewardship is an important component of the Witte’s mission. Our Texas Wild Gallery showcases the wide variety of ecological zones across Texas and the animals that call those regions home. 

You can bring the Texas Wild home by adopting Ollie today!  You will receive a plush Ollie, a personalized certificate of adoption with the name of its new caretaker and an Ocelot fact sheet. Adopt an Ollie for $75 by clicking below. Pick up at the Bolner Family Museum Store is available to make sure your Ollie walks home with you!

Found in South Texas’ Rio Grande, Guadalupe, and San Antonio rivers, alligators are a conservation success story.

There are now more alligators in the United States than there were when America was settled hundreds of years go. Nearing extinction in the 1800s, conservationists supported hunting bans and strict laws allowed the population to rebound. You can find this carnivore in the McLean Family Texas Wild Gallery showcasing the vast variety of ecological zones across Texas.

You can bring home this American alligator! You will receive:

  • A plush Charlie Naylor the Alligator
  • A personalized certificate of adoption with the name of its caretaker
  • An alligator fact sheet

Adopt a Charlie for $100 by clicking below. Curbside pick-up and shipping are available to make sure your Charlie walks home with you!

A special thank you to Susan Naylor for name Charlie the Alligator!

American alligator stuff toy