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‘Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family’ stomps into the Witte Museum

photo of Scotty on a platform.
Scotty, the Tyrannosaurs rex. Photo courtesy of the Australian Museum.

“Scotty,” one of the most massive T. rex on record, brings its tyrannosaur cousins to San Antonio for a blockbuster summer exhibition.

Tyrannosaurs joins the special exhibition Antarctic Dinosaurs at the Witte, making the museum a must-visit destination for dinosaur fans in Texas and beyond.

photo of Scotty on a platform.

Visitors get up close and personal with “Scotty,” one of the world’s most complete T. rex skeletons.
Situated in front of a rear projection, Scotty’s shadow appears to come to life, as he roars and growls.
Photo Credit: © James Horan Photography for the Australian Museum

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (May 10, 2023) – The most comprehensive exhibition ever mounted on tyrannosaurs makes its Texas debut this month at the Witte Museum in San Antonio. Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family, on display May 24 through September 4 in the Mays Family Center, explores the most feared and revered of all dinosaurs, bringing the latest paleontological discoveries to life and challenging preconceptions about these ferocious predators. It is one of two dinosaur-themed special exhibitions currently at the Witte Museum, which also hosts Antarctic Dinosaurs through September 10.

“Did you know that Tyrannosaurus rex is not the only tyrannosaur? It may be the King, but there are dozens of relatives,” said Marise McDermott, President and CEO of the Witte. “You will meet the family at the Witte. Be prepared to look up. These tyrannosaurs are enormous!”

Created by the Australian Museum, Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family features rare fossil specimens, cast skeletons—including that of “Scotty,” one of the most massive and complete T. rex skeletons on record—and incredible models of feathered dinosaurs. It has already been shown in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Scotland and is now touring the United States. The exhibition features recently-added tyrannosaur discoveries including the oldest feathery relatives of T. rex

Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family uses cutting-edge technology with hands-on and multimedia experiences. These include digital screens featuring computer-animated creatures, AV of tyrannosaurs exploring modern-day San Antonio, a large-scale, multi-touch and multiplayer family tree gaming table and an interactive augmented-reality experience where visitors can play with life-sized dinosaurs in the gallery.

A special section of the exhibition, exclusive to the Witte Museum, tells the story of Texas during the time of Tyrannosaurus rex. In addition to featuring fossil specimens of Texas tyrannosaurs, visitors can explore fossils of other giant dinosaurs found in Texas during the Cretaceous, such as the Bravoceratops and Alamosaurus.

It is a summer of blockbuster dinosaur exhibitions at the Witte Museum with Antarctic Dinosaurs, organized by The Field Museum in Chicago, also on display through September 10 in the Kathleen and Curtis Gunn Gallery. Step back 200 million years in time and explore Antarctica when it was warm, lush and ruled by dinosaurs. See full-scale models of recently discovered dinosaurs, examine real Antarctic fossils and discover the extreme risks scientists take to explore and unearth Antarctica’s past. A See It All pass is available with discounted Museum Admission for visitors seeing both Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family and Antarctic Dinosaurs.

Tickets for Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family can be reserved online at There is a $10 surcharge in addition to Museum Admission.

Explore Tyrannosaurs all summer long with the museum’s new Family Plus membership, which features unlimited, free access to exhibitions requiring a special ticket, including Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family and Antarctic Dinosaurs and as well as upcoming exhibitions Explore Your World and Surviving Space. Memberships can be purchased at


“Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family” at the Witte Museum
May 24– September 4, 2023
Mays Family Center at the Witte Museum
Special Exhibition Ticket Required

Tyrannosaurus rexT. rex, for short — is the most recognizable dinosaur in the world. But it’s not the only tyrannosaur you should know. This summer at the Witte, the rest of the tyrannosaur family is sharing the spotlight in Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family, an exhibition created by the Australian Museum that brings the latest tyrannosaur discoveries to life and reveals some of the most significant discoveries in paleontology of the past decade.


An exhibition created by the Australian Museum and toured internationally by Evergreen Exhibitions.

Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family at the Witte Museum is generously supported by The Alamo, Valero Energy Corporation and the Mary Pat and Michael Bolner Exhibition Endowment Fund.

Antarctic Dinosaurs was developed by the Field Museum, Chicago in partnership with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Discovery Place – Charlotte, NC, and the Natural History Museum of Utah. Generous support was provided by the Kenneth C. Griffin Charitable Fund.

Antarctic Dinosaurs at the Witte Museum is generously supported by HOLT CAT and Mary Pat and Michael Bolner Exhibition Endowment Fund.

Related Programming

An extensive line-up of related programming is woven throughout the exhibition’s engagement:

Witte Dino Dash: 5K and Kids RunSaturday, May 27, 2023
Ready, set, RAWR! Gear up for the 12th Annual Witte Dino Dash: TyRUNnosaur Edition, presented by University Health. Every race participant will enjoy complimentary admission to the Witte, including special exhibitions Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family and Antarctic Dinosaurs, on Saturday, May 27, by showing their race bib at the Walker Admissions Desk.

Wonder with the Witte Podcast
The Wonder with the Witte podcast bridges the natural world and the people who shape it and are shaped by it. Series 3 of the podcast explores all things dinosaurs with episodes featuring interviews with experts and deep-dives into dinosaurs featured in the special exhibitions Antarctic Dinosaurs and Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family. Available through all major podcast platforms and at

STEAM Sunday
Add to your family’s Witte experience with hands-on explorations of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math at STEAM Sunday.

  • Discovering DinosSunday, June 18, 2023
    How do we know what we know about dinosaurs? Inspired by the special exhibitions Antarctic Dinosaurs and Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family, this hands-on workshop explores how scientists use fossil evidence to identify dinosaurs. You’ll think like a paleontologist as you solve your own fossil puzzle.
  • T. rex and FamSunday, August 20, 2023
    What are theropod dinosaurs, and what makes them unique? Inspired by the special exhibition Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family, this hands-on workshop explores the features of popular predators. You’ll identify how the feet, feathers and teeth of different dinosaurs helped them to survive in their environments.

Super Saturdays
Join us for Super Saturdays at the Witte to create keepsakes, conduct experiments, meet the experts and explore exhibits. Discover what makes the Witte the best place to experience nature, science and culture!

  • Dinosaur Family Reunion – Saturday, July 8, 2023
    Come have your family join ours during the Dinosaur Family Reunion! Explore the two special exhibitions, Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family and Antarctic Dinosaurs, and visit our special Dinosaur Family Reunion booths set up around the museum.

Cocktails & Culture
Leave the kids at home and explore the many wonders of the Witte with delicious bites and complimentary libations sprinkled in with great conversation and discovery. These adventures are for guests 21+.

  • REX Talks: To the Extreme – May 31, 2023
    Sip on crafted libations as Dr. Thomas Adams, Chief Curator and Vice President of Research at the Witte Museum, provides insight into the extreme environments he has traversed to find and excavate dinosaurs. Then, enjoy an after-hours look at the Antarctic Dinosaurs special exhibition.
  • REX Talks: The Original King of Rock July 20, 2023
    Learn why Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the most influential pop culture star of all time with our Dr. Thomas Adams, Chief Curator and Vice President of Research at the Witte Museum.

Witte Museum Camps
Every day is an adventure at Witte Museum Camp! Children ages 6 – 12 are invited to join our team of educators at dinosaur-themed camps in connection with this summer’s special exhibitions. After-care is available for an additional fee.

  • Dino Explorers: Frozen Fossils (Ages 6 – 8) – June 5–9, 2023
    Dinosaurs in Antarctica? Dive into the past this week at Witte Camp as we imagine the world when dinosaurs roamed Antarctica. Explore what scientists have learned about dinosaurs who called Antarctica their home in the Antarctic Dinosaurs Get ready for a frozen adventure!
  • Paleontologist: Terrific Tyrannosaurs (Ages 9 – 12) – June 19–23, 2023
    Did you know that the T. rex is not the only known tyrannosaur? Explore what paleontologists have discovered about these dinosaurs and how big their family really is in the Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family exhibition. Learn the science skills needed to study fossils from real-life paleontologists.
  • Paleontologist: Dino Scouts (Ages 6 – 8) – July 10–14, 2023
    Is a T. rex your favorite dinosaur? Are you ready to become a Jr. Paleontologist? Discover the tools needed to unearth fossils, meet a real-life paleontologist and explore Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family exhibition at Dino Scouts. Uncover the many shapes and sizes of tyrannosaurs–and you just might find a new favorite!
  • Dino Explorers: Frigid Findings (ages 9 – 12) – July 31–August 4, 2023
    Ready to investigate what secrets are hidden beneath the ice? Discover what it takes to dig for fossils on Earth’s coldest continent. Find out how paleontologists discover which dinosaurs lived in Antarctica by exploring and learning in the Antarctic Dinosaurs exhibition! What dinosaur discovery will you uncover?
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